Introducing, GU F.R.E.E.

We, GU F.R.E.E. (Georgetown Forming a Radically Ethical Endowment), are a group of students, faculty, and organizations that have rallied together to hold this University accountable for its role in perpetuating state violence. As a coalition guided by anti-racist, queer feminist visions of liberation, intersectionality, and community, we demand that Georgetown be fully transparent with regards to its investment practices. Inspired by  Jesuit traditions of faith as justice, we demand that Georgetown create space for students to hold their institution accountable for its actions through making public its annual investment portfolio. We condemn, and expect Georgetown to condemn, state violence as it occurs within the private prison industry and the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine by committing to divestment from companies involved in these forms of systemic injustice. We find it hypocritical and disingenuous for Georgetown, as a Jesuit academic institution, to profit off of oppression and simultaneously dodge accountability by being intentionally obscure about their holdings. As such, GU F.R.E.E. seeks to infuse an ethos of love and compassion for human life and dignity into not only the rhetoric, but the financial functions of this University. We intend to disrupt business as usual at Georgetown until the University lives up to its commitment to faith as justice. Sign onto our full platform and list of demands HERE you have nothing to lose but your chains.